Bucket List

5 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. A few of my ideas in the once-a-year dreaming category: Complete Pintlar traverse, the one Forrest attempted last year; Madison range traverse, many possibilities to combine different units (Hilgard, Taylors, No Man ridge, Sphinx Cedar area, Big Sky, Spanish peaks); Flathead range traverse (Mike Wolfe did the complete range in a 24ish hour day in 2018?)


    1. Oh man, just the ideas you’ve thrown out are a lifetime’s worth of effort! Heck yeah, thanks for sharing. I should have included the Flathead range traverse in my list; that one has been on my radar ever since talking with Mike about it last winter. I’ll have to look into those other Bitterroot ideas that I’m not as familiar with. I’m not familiar at all with the Pintlers or Madisons, but I can imagine there is some beautiful terrain out there as well. And heck these are all just adventures on foot, we haven’t even started talking about combo running, biking, packrafting, etc. efforts! Probably going to need a couple lifetimes to explore it all.


  2. A few more doable local ideas: Link high peaks of the Southern Bitterroot (El Capitan, Shard, Trapper, possibly Boulder?); Big Creek traverse up drainage and return on ridge from Ranger to St. Mary; The upper Chaffin ridge loop I did a few years ago; Ninemile divide traverse from Three lake peak to Ch-Paa-Qn, Graves creek range from Blue Mountain to Petty; Stateline traverse with many options. Tobacco Root range traverse


  3. I’d like to claim the SKT for the Bitterroot High Five traverse 😂. 18 odd hours with ice axes and a rope with Dylan and Andy, 2006. Just a teeny bit of 4th class on the LB. I’ve heard it called the Bitterroot Grand Traverse in years past as well…


    1. I think you three have that record safely in the bag! I remember I really wanted to join you guys for that, but my parents wouldn’t let me join. Fun to see the progression in skills and experience from 16 years old to 30 in a single place.


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