Norris – Scenic Death March traverse (GNP)

3 thoughts on “Norris – Scenic Death March traverse (GNP)”

  1. Very cool link up – a friend passed along your write up. It appears we were just there about a week before you! We linked-up the same route but added Split, Clide and then Logan to Almost-a-Dog, Little Chief, Mahtotopa and out Red Eagle (albeit we weren’t running and took a few days!)


    1. Right on! That looks like such a sweet route you did. You’ve got me thinking now of what would make for the most logical horseshoe-shape traverse of that area. Like starting at SM lake and going through the ridge that connects Kakitos, Ampitheater, and James to then access the Norris and SDM traverses. And then following your route out to Almost-a-Dog, Little Chief, Mahtotopa, and Red Eagle to finish would make for a pretty interesting couple days up on ridgelines.


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