Montana Highpoints (Beartooth 27)

10 thoughts on “Montana Highpoints (Beartooth 27)”

  1. so AWESOME!!I I followed your journey and was in awe!! Thank you for sharing!! Can’t wait for the next adventure…..


  2. Badass. Inspiring to read about the dream and planning and making it all come together! I need to get out into the MT mountains soon. It’s great to see new, aesthetic, wild, difficult routes going up. Congrats on getting it done!


    1. Thanks Joffrey, I appreciate you taking the time to write those kind words and I’m happy to hear that the project inspired you as well. If you ever make it MT and would like some hiking recommendations I’d be happy to help.


  3. You have just successfully made me jealous. I gee up wandering these hills and mentally followed most of your route from memory. The peaks I haven’t summited I have studied at length on maps. Well done. Although I hope it doesn’t bring much attention to the beartooths.


    1. Hey Darren – I love connecting with people who know the Beartooths intimately, and that’s so cool that you can follow the whole route from memory. There’s something special about knowing a place so thoroughly like that. So thanks for the compliment!

      I think there’s a balance to be had with the whole thing about attracting extra attention to the Beartooths. On one hand, I strongly believe that the more people can be inspired to get out into wilderness / open spaces / public lands and recreate responsibly, the more people will fall in love with these places and become advocates for their protection and conservation — which is a crucial part of starting to mitigate all of the damage we’re doing to our world. On the other hand, you’re right, there’s a more selfish part of us all that doesn’t want to see special places overrun with people. The good thing about the Beartooths (and Montana) is that there’s so much open space and so few people that it will take a rather enormous increase before we start to notice big usage changes.


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